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I often hear stories of women being turned away from hospitals in “false” labour, are told that they labour has stalled, stopped or that they are not progressing.  Its a mysterious thing this false labour. What is it exactly? What message is someone trying to give a women when they…
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The Four Different Types of Breech Frank- bottom first with legs extended towards baby's trunk Complete- legs folded so that feet are very close to the buttocks Footling- one or more feet coming into the pelvis first-the bottom is above the brim and the feet are below, at 37 weeks…
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Active labor is often when it really hits home that the arrival of your baby is just around the corner. There are a number of physical, emotional, and mental changes that occur during active labor. If you know what to expect in terms of the physical aspects, you may find it easier…
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Many new moms don’t know that there are more than one or two different stages of labor, especially if they haven’t been around many pregnant women in their lives. Admittedly this was the case with me and I was in for a surprise as I approached my estimated due date and…
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The Cascade of Interventions aka the Snowball Effect In a hospital setting where your care providers are actively managing your labour, once you have one intervention it makes more interventions more likely to be needed in order to remedy the effects of the previous ones. In our Western society culture,…
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Remember that everything may not go as "planned," so be open to the possibility of anything happening, and listen to your body's (and your baby's) cues.  One advantage to having a natural, unhindered birth is that it is much easier to go deep inside yourself, and you can feel everything…
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The more you believe you will have a good birth experience, the better chance you have of it coming true, because not only will you then not fear birth, but you will have a positive mindset about it and welcome it.  This allows the process to happen more quickly and…
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Mamas do amazing things to induce labour from dancing to herbal supplements, calming baths etc. This mama and her partner are trying to induce twins by dancing to "Let's Get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas, at 40+ weeks pregnant after trying everything else. She went into labor two days…
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There are cardinal signs that labor is in the beginning or early stages, although all signs are unique to each woman. We all have different birth stories, and it can be hard to know when the exact time is beginning. Here are some signs that labor may be beginning: -…
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This is an amazing waterbirth that truly shows the power of birth and a determined baby. This baby was out to the shoulders then just hung out there blinking underwater and was completely healthy and fine. It is truly amazing footage. For more natural birthing videos, you can also check…
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