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TBS is always looking for cutting edge researchers that can write on topics that matter to our community.  We discuss the hard topics that families want and need to know about to lead healthly fulfilling lives.




Social Media Admin

TBS's social media platforms are continiously growing. We are looking for  bright enthuiasstic individuals with a thirst for knowledge and strong tech social skills. Our admins not only support and nurture our fans as they create and grow their families.




Editors serve a very import job at TBS they make all of us look good.  If you have an eye for detail, an appreciation for language and a love for grammer; join our team of editors.



This template is built on the very powerful S5 Vertex Framework, which comes packed with amazing features! Learn More About Vertex...

Every template built on Vertex also comes with its own unique template specific options applicable to that particular template such as highlight colors, social icons, and much more. These features are in addition to the standard functions of Vertex, and are still controlled through the very user friendly interface of Vertex. This page will document the features specific to this template.

Template Specific Configuration Interface of Vertex

Below is a screenshot that shows all the template specific features available in the user friendly Vertex admin:

Custom Highlight Colors

Stylize your site with any color you want. Set your own custom color scheme with the built in highlight color. There are 2 custom highlight colors you can set. These colors control menu items, titles, buttons, hover over effects, backgrounds, and much more. You can set these colors to any color that you want. Below is an example so you can see how this works.

Dark and Light Themes Available

You can demo the dark theme from the top menu and you can see an example of this in action below:

Hide Top Menu

This design comes with an option to hide the top menu, search and login/register area if you have a module published to the custom_1 position. This is how we achieved this on the homepage of this design.

Enable or Disable Active Menu Item

By default we have demo'd this enabled but you can disable the active menu item. Below we have it shown and the blue line is pulled from the custom highlight color 2 that you set in the Vertex admin area:

Disable Home (First Menu Item)

This design comes with an option to hide the first menu item on the flex menu which is usually labeled "home". We have it disabled by default on the demo but you can see in the below screenshot you can enable to show it:

Custom_1 and Custom_2 Positions

This design contains two custom positions. custom_1 contains the Image and Content Fader module found in the header. You can publish any module you wish to this area. The custom_2 contains the S5 Mail Chimp Signup module and is also where we published the social icons for this template. You can see screenshots of both of these below. The animated mouse will only show when a module is published to the custom_1 module position. You can also disable this in the Vertex admin area if you prefer not to show it.

Uppercase Letters

Choose to enable or disable uppercase letters on most menu items, buttons, titles and more.

Mobile Features

New menus, easier navigation and mobile sign-up.

Stay Notified

Keep up to date with changes and updates with newsletter via email . Contests, new articles and much more!