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TBS is always looking for cutting edge researchers that can write on topics that matter to our community.  We discuss the hard topics that families want and need to know about to lead healthly fulfilling lives.




Social Media Admin

TBS's social media platforms are continiously growing. We are looking for  bright enthuiasstic individuals with a thirst for knowledge and strong tech social skills. Our admins not only support and nurture our fans as they create and grow their families.




Editors serve a very import job at TBS they make all of us look good.  If you have an eye for detail, an appreciation for language and a love for grammer; join our team of editors.



This module can be viewed at the top of this page. This specific style of the module can only be used with this template with the template's css overrides. Publish your own content into each slide transition and for multiple slide transition effects, navigation arrows and also a drop down gallery tab that allows you to select a slide via a thumbnail. This module is fully responsive as well. The S5 Image and Content Fader v3 is powered by Mootools/Jquery. Best of all it's free!

This particular template showcases two different slide types. The first and third slides involved multiple layers of text and images. The middle slide is simply text that is centered and slides down. Below is the code used for both of these slide types.

Centered Text

Simply enter the following code into the text/html section of the module. Do not enter text into the title area:
<span class="center">
<span class="slide_title">
All New <strong> Media Player Plugin</strong>
<span class="center_text" style="font-size:1.3em;">
Explore the all the new mp3 and video player plugin. Easily setup and list sermons and other media on your website with no programming experience for your guests to listen to and download.
<br /><a style="float:none" class="readon" href="">See it in action</a>

Text and Image

Simply enter the following code into the text/html section of the module. The image that appears on the right side is entered into the right div below. You will need to choose your image carefully as there are size restrictions on the area, tall and somewhat narrow images work best. Do not enter text into the title area:
<span class="left">
<span class="slide_title">
Modern Design <br />Church Focused <br /><strong>Joomla Template</strong>
<span class="slide_text">
Take your church's presence to the next level with Risen Hope. This theme is breathtaking and has everything you need to setup your site.
<br />
<a class="readon">Read More</a>

<span class="right">
<img src="images/iacf1_pic.png" />

Features at a glance

  • Responsive layout compatible
  • Choose between 4 slide transitions: Fade, Continuous Horiztonal, Fade Slide Left, Continuous Vertical
  • Specify height and width of module
  • Includes a gallery tab drop down to show all images
  • Each image slide can have its own hyperlink
  • Show up to 10 images at once
  • Publish your own content to each picture slide
  • Navigation arrows
  • Not all slides require titles
  • Change delay time
  • Hide or show: Navigation arrows, thumbnail carousel and popup text

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