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Jessica Alba, Jennifer Gardner, Gwen Stefani... these are just a few of the celebrities in this video. It shows pregnant celebrities sporting all types of fashion including evening and day wear. They simply look beautiful and show some really hot outfits that will look great this season!
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Many pregnant women know just how expensive maternity clothing can be. They also know there may not be much young and hip maternity clothing available that can be purchased locally. For many women their best option is ordering off the internet, but this can be intimidating because you cannot see…
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By 2 Chix, this skirt takes you all the way to 40 weeks and beyond. Fits sizes2-16! http://www.2chix.com/products/maternity_skirts/index.asp
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It can be tempting to go out and splurge on a new wardrobe the minute you get a positive pregnancy test result, but unless you are very wealthy, you may want to hold off for a while. Pregnant bodies change quickly and you have no idea what yours is going…
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A unique, convertible, 3-in-1 jacket that takes you from "maternity" to "mama" to "me". Fashionable, functional and made in Canada. www.themcoat.com
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