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Amanda Schewaga

Amanda Schewaga

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 04:57

Gift Suggestions for an Expecting Mama

Here are some gift suggestions for an expecting mama from TBS mamas!

  • Support!!
  • Ringsling baby carrier
  • Boppy pillow
  • A good pregnancy/ birth book and which book would depend on how much of a "reader" she is.
  • Diapers (whatever kind they use) wipes, baby butt cream, and other day to day items.
  • An Ergo
  • Batches of healthy muffins or nutrition bars
  • Rocking chair
  • Good carrier
  • Pedialite and clothes hangers,
  • Meal delivery for the first few weeks
  • Maid service certificates
  • Gripe water!
  • A gift certificate for a mani/pedi or to a hair salon.
  • Aden+Anais sleep sack
  • California Baby Calendula Cream
  • OBall
  • Sign for frnt door "Mommy and baby asleep, please come back to visit another time."
  • Time for a shower
  • Lactation cookies
  • Help with housework like laundry
  • Nursing cover
  • Planned playdates for other children
  • Ergobaby - baby carrier
  • Cloth diapers
  • Breast pads! I got those as gifts and came in handy cuz with my first born had no clue!:-)
  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution
  • Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
  • A Blessingway
  • Fodder 4 Fathers - A really comfortable pillow. :)
  • Ready made meals
  • Baby wrap.
  • A daiper bag full of things for baby and bath & body things for mom! I think whenever mom needs a break she could take a nice warm bath and relax!
  • A coupon book with 12 free nights of babysitting for once a month for the first year and 24 free meals where I will cook for her
  • Gift certificate to a full day at the spa... Cause she probably wouldn't spend the money herself to go.
  • Natural birthing classes
  • Time with a postpartum doula
  • Homemade Lasagna
  • Moby wrap
  • Home remedies or otc medicines for baby's colic
  • Woven wraps

What would you add to this list?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 04:42

Tips for New Daddies from Mommies

Here are some great pieces of advice from TBS mamas for new daddies!

  • One bit of advice you would pass on to a soon-to-be Daddy?
  • Get up with your wife, even if she's breastfeeding. It'll make her feel like you are at least trying to help even if all you do is just talk to her. :)
  • Be totally selfless for awhile. Make everything about your partner. Treat her like a queen. Don't take things personally, the way you treat her during the first week or so, she will remember forever!!!!
  • My husband says to enjoy it all cos it really does go so fast. I remember my husband being useful in my early days with baby 1 by bringing me water and a snack at every feed and making sandwiches for me to keep in the fridge etc. Also ignore comments about too much cuddling being bad for baby , babies are born to be cuddled :-)
  • Have skin to skin and wear your baby when you can
  • Get in and be with your child from the minute of birth... when your child seeks attention be part of the team that answers the need... including bedtime rituals... and feedings... bathing ETC... Be your child's secondary care giver... as much as possible...
  • Be nice and don't hold anything against your child's mother for her high maintenance during pregnancy and after. She needs your help and understanding and love, not negativity. These events change everything. Go with her to all appointments and meetings, if she wants you to. If she says she doesn't care if you do or not, say 'great! I'm excited to be there." Don't call her fat, call her strong and beautiful. If you don't understand something, ask or do your own research. The more you know the better you can handle it, and better you and your new family will be.
  • Don't wait until mum is in labour before you start flipping through pregnancy and birth books. The time to gain your education is before labour begins. Take the responsibility to gain your knowledge so you are able to support mum in the best possible way by attending antenatal classes and reading books and before you know it you will be the best support person a mum could possibly have.
  • Baby loves you even if she/he seems to like Mommy more. Baby just needs time to get to know you, so give Mommy a break and spend time with your little one!
  • Feeding your baby isn't the only way to bond with her.
  • Sniff them, that new baby smell only lasts for so long.
  • Let go of self consciousness and talk to your baby. Your voice is soothing and relaxing and it's what baby has heard since before birth. Simply chatting can calm baby, and your own nerves, especially when baby seems so tiny and breakable to such big hands.
  • Help the momma as much as you are able. :)
  • Reading these is so heart warming!
  • Be selfless for awhile, fabulous advice. I think many times dad feels unneeded and I love how many hubbies are weighing in on this. Women will remember how their partner treated them in the early days with baby.
  • Take the baby so mama can sleep. Doesn't matter if baby cries the whole time. Take the baby out of the house for an hour if you need to but LET MAMA SLEEP!
  • Learn as much about breastfeeding as you can. Success often depends on her support and if you can be her biggest (and knowledgeable) cheerleader, things will be that much smoother.
  • She will return to your normal wife soon, but right now she needs you to take care of her so that she can take care of the baby.
  • Be flexible about when and where you sleep


Tuesday, 29 November 2011 01:03

More Business of Being Born Trailer

 Here is a trailer for "More Business of Being Born". After the success of the first one, Ricki Lake and her team realized that there is so much more that needs to be said and done on birthing so the second one was born.

If you are interested in finding out a nearest showing visit: http://www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com

Want more Ricki Lake, here are a few other appearances:

"Your Best Birth" Video of Ricki Lake's Book

Home Birth Debate with Ricki Lake & Dr. Lisa

Saturday, 12 November 2011 16:26

My Journey to a Beautiful Birth-Kage's VBA3C

Many people find it hard to believe that after 3 c-sections, homebirth is not possible. But that cannot be further from the truth. As we expand birthing knowledge, more women are avoiding c-sections and birthing by their own terms. In honor of this mama's baby's first birthday, she made a video of her birthing journey. After 3 c-sections, she finally got her homebirth.

Saturday, 12 November 2011 16:14

Waterbirth Baby Born Underwater in the Sac

This is an amazing video of the Baby Born while still in the sac at Baby Love Birth Center in Cape Coral, FL. The "bag of waters" stays intact until the baby is born and baby is born "in caul", which is said to confer special sight to a baby. Due to the impatience of modern obstetrics, most babies have their sacs "broken" during labor, in the theory that birth will occur faster. We prefer to leave moms and babies undisturbed.

I would like for people to see what is possible when you leave things as nature intended.

Baby was born healthy, 7 pounds 5 ounces by Samantha McCormick, Nurse Midwife

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saturday, 12 November 2011 16:09

Belly Dancing Through Labour Pains

This doula believes in belly dancing as a way to work through labour pains. It looks like it did the trick. Belly dancing is an age-old way to get through labor. She notes that  it is a myth that one has to be on the bed to be monitored and that the monitor can pick up a heartbeat with a woman moving. If you need to hold the piece so it doesn't slip, fine, but it can be done. From the comments, this is half true, however, belly dancing can be done at home, in a hopsital or birthing center so all the power to you!

Keep on moving!

Sarah Goldstein CD(DONA) doula trainer

Saturday, 12 November 2011 16:00

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos

The babies in this video are hilarious from laughing at random things to just doing funny things. They are so adorable. Enjoy!

Saturday, 12 November 2011 15:35

Dancing to Get Labour "Started In Here"

Mamas do amazing things to induce labour from dancing to herbal supplements, calming baths etc.

This mama and her partner are trying to induce twins by dancing to "Let's Get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas, at 40+ weeks pregnant after trying everything else. She went into labor two days later and had a natural, unmedicated hospital birth (with the support of our amazing midwives).


This is a very eye opening documentary on circumcision. When making any decision on such a sensitive topic, please research your options thoroughly. The Birthing Site does not endorse circumcision, we feel it's necessary for parents to make an informed decision about whether this procedure is necessary for their baby.

The critically acclaimed documentary on male circumcision by Chicago filmmaker Eli Ungar-Sargon. For the unabridged version, please buy the DVD at:


Sunday, 30 October 2011 15:32

What are the Benefits of a Lotus Birth?

Lotus Birth is a birthing process that has been observed in many cutures worldwide. It is a process where the placenta is left attached to the baby following the birth and is allowed to drop off naturally. Once the baby is born, the placenta is covered with a dry cloth and treated with herbs to help it dry out and prevent any odour from forming. There is a low risk of infection and the cord separates within 10 days, often less, leaving behind no stump.

A few benefits that people note of this practice is that the babies seem more relaxed and peaceful. They don't usually lose the weight that most infants do, and they are less likely to have breastfeeding jaundice. The placenta has been the lifeline of the baby for over 9 months and has fed the baby nutrients and antibodies which continue to pass to the child through the umbilcal cord during this process. The lotus birth also helps as the placenta cleans out the baby's liver as it continues to pump out toxins while still providing oxygenated blood to the child.

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