Interview about Hypnobirthing for an NCT Magazine UK

What is hypno-birthing?  Hypnobirthing is simply a generic term that means the use of hypnosis for birth.  There are several different forms of hypnobirthing, which all work towards helping the mum have a natural birth. We are all in hypnosis, without knowing it, about 60% of the day so this is something that comes naturally … Read more

How to Help Your Body Birth Your Baby

Your Estimated Due Date is getting closer, and you want to make sure you are 100% prepared for whatever your body and your baby throws your way. Here are some suggestions to help you birth your baby. All of these suggestions are interconnected, and work beautifully together to allow your body to do what it … Read more

5 Tips to Keep the Terrible Two’s a Little Less Terrible

Teething, weaning, sleeping, potty training, talking, and now talking back? Your toddler has now begun one of the most important journeys into the concept of self and self-expression. He’s going to want to experiment a little with the reactions his new vocabulary can warrant. This is also a time to experiment with his personality and … Read more

I’m Pregnant: What Now? A Quick Guide to Pregnancy

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Maybe you’ve been trying for a long time, or maybe you’ve been taken completely by surprise, but either way, there’s a lot to do! We’ll trust you to handle the fun stuff like shopping and showers; here’s the low-down on the logistics: First Trimester (conception through week 13) The first trimester is … Read more