Connecting With Your Baby

Even before you officially have a baby bump, you are certain to be touching your tummy. You probably don’t even realize how many times each day your hands flutter up to touch your womb.

Touching your baby while pregnant is a great way to bond with your baby. Even before you can feel your baby moving inside of you, your baby can feel and respond to your touch. 

Pay attention

I would encourage you to start to notice when you are touching your belly. You will probably be surprised at the number of times you are rubbing, patting, or stroking your tummy. Take notice! When your hands have made their way to your belly, check in with your baby.

Appreciate that there is a new life growing inside of you. Send your baby your love, either by speaking to your baby or through your thoughts and intent. You can even repeat an affirmation for connecting with your baby. If you need help coming up with an affirmation.

Get Focused

Choosing to be in the moment with your baby can bring you a sense of calm. Set aside some time to sit quietly and focus solely on your baby. Place your hands on your womb and focus with your full attention. Feel yourself filling with joy and gratitude. You can do this for as little as five minutes, or as long as you like.

Gentle Touch

You can gently rub your womb at any time, giving your baby gentle rubs and pats. You can do this over your clothes, or on your bare skin. You may want to use some moisturizer or massage oil that is safe for pregnancy. This can help you bond with baby and also help you alleviate some of the itchiness or dry skin that can occur when your skin starts to stretch.

Respond to your baby

Once you start to feel your baby move, you can respond to your baby using touch. When your baby is being active and moving around, let your baby know you are paying attention by touching your baby in return. As you begin to feel the shape of your baby’s body you can touch the different parts of your baby the way you will once your baby is born. For instance, you can lightly tap or tickle your baby on the foot or lovingly caress your baby’s head.

Share the love

Your partner and other children can become involved in bonding with baby too. You can adapt these bonding techniques to include other people who have a place in your baby’s life. How are you using touch to connect with your baby in the womb? (Written by Jamie Hocking)

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