Pre-Birth Communication: Bonding before Birth

Pre-birth communication is communicating with your unborn baby before physical birth.  It is not a new concept to communicate to a baby in the womb before birth.  It is actually highly recommended by professionals that study within the field of Birth Psychology, which studies the neurobiology and psychology of conception, pregnancy, and birth.

“For mothers intuitively know what scientists have only recently discovered: that the unborn child is a deeply sensitive individual who forms a powerful relationship with his or her parents—and the outside world—while still in the womb.”  Nurturing the Unborn Child by Thomas Verny, MD and Pamela Weintraub

Pregnancy is a time of heighten intuition and emotional sensitivity.  In pregnancy mothers can experience enhanced senses like smell, taste, touch, hearing, and intuition.  These senses are nature’s way to protect the mother and the unborn.

The ability to communication to a baby before birth is not a typical conversation at the local OB/GYN.  It is unfortunate that this kind of conversation does not exist in prenatal visits because it could offer an opportunity to deepen trust in pregnancy and birth.  It gives a mother space to share her real experience and build upon creating a connected pregnancy that can carry into the life of the parent and child relationship.

Women receive communication in unique ways and different times.  Some may find communication easy, while others may struggle to understand how it works.  Before birth conversations occur not only during pregnancy, but also in preconception before pregnancy.

Pre-birth communication is experienced in nighttime dreams, inner feelings, body sensations, sounds, and psychic insight. Each parent finds there own form of communication and ability to listen within.  Communication from baby can happen anytime and sometimes while a mother is doing daily activities such as: washing dishes, doing the laundry, and even while cooking.

One could also experience pre-birth communication in meditation, from a relaxing massage, during hypnosis, yoga, and other conscious creating activities that open the self up to listen inward.

There are countless stories of validation, healing experiences, and benefits for a mother, father and baby.  It is not just about the mother, but the father, partners, and even relatives and friends.  Dawson Church author of Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child believes, “as we begin to tune into a baby, our perceptions may be faint and indistinct at first, but will become more precise with use.

We aren’t given much scope for developing these sensitivities as we grow up, so we tend to grow up without them.”  It can take practice to be aware of the many dimensions of the self and to be receptive to spiritual insight and trusting intuition.

Unfortunately, many developed societies get lost and discounted, and are not taught the importance of connecting to the body and spiritual mind early in life for the future of overall optimal wellness and health.

During those beautiful and often challenging nine months of pregnancy, a baby communicates messages in different ways to parents and or extended family members. Bonding before birth is a powerful, spiritual, and a needed experience that is crucial for human development.

The research, education, and dedication to share the awareness of pre-birth communication can provide spiritual depth to explore this as a normal and necessary part of human development across all cultures.  Awakening to the experience of pre-birth communication is humanities birth right. (Written by Kelly Meehan)

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